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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Pos Laju VS Pos Express


✖Usually more expensive than Pos Express.
✖The price are depends on the weight itself. (1-3 items to Semenanjung Malaysia = RM 6 while to Sabah & Sarawak = RM 9)
✖But in terms of security, Pos Laju would be
more secure than Pos Express (The receiver need to sign the package before the postman can deliver it.)
✖Need a normal envelope
✖Time delivered would be as same as the Pos Express which is 1 working day. (Except Sabah/Sarawak = 2 working days)


✖Usually cheaper than Pos Laju.
✖The price are fixed (1 item = RM 3.50, 2-3 items = RM 4.50)
✖Need a
special envelope (Hard envelope)
✖Still secured because each parcel would be given a reference number so that it's easier for us to track the parcel.
✖Time delivered would be as same as the Pos Laju (1 working day except for Sabah/Sarawak and certain area within Semenanjung which may take 2 working days).

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