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Friday, May 28, 2010

Shinning Shawls | Second Batch

Material : Kain jaring2 tp klu pki inner kt dlm and lilit2, x kn nmpk dlm.
Price : RM 15 (FREE postage within Malaysia area only)
Contoh gmbr kt bwh ni gmbr Rina, kembar Rini AF7. Yg Rina pki ni dh sold out ok.

Gmbr ambik dr Google

SS02A (Dark Brown) SOLD OUT
Nurul Ain, Kartina Baharom, Kak Sakinah Ali
SS02B (Yellow) Available
Sold : Rosnidah, Ruwaina, Noordiana
Booked : Fafa
SS02C (Orange) Available
Sold : Hazwani Nasir
SS02D (Sand) Available
Sold : Linda, Siziela, Norlela Manja, Fifi
SS02E (Red) Available
Sold : Hasniza
SS02F (Ocean Green) Available
SS02G (Bright Yellow) Available
Sold : Salwa, Aishah
SS02H (White) SOLD OUT
Syazwani Zulkifli, Hazwani, Lana, Cat
SS02I (Blue Turquoise) Available
Booked : Fafa
SS02J (Dark Green) Available
Booked : Fafa

SS02K (Purple) Available

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