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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Rainbow Shawls | Second Batch

Back by popular demand!
Material : 100% polyester (X licin tp x la keras mcm kain jorjet)
It has 3 tones and it's up to you how do you want to style it.
Price : RM 12. (FREE postage within Malaysia area)
**Please note that all colours might be vary due to lighting and different monitor color settings.
RS02A = Hijau Kotor + Hijau Lumut + Green Yellow
SOLD OUT : Kak Yully (2), Kira

RS02B = Yellow + Light Green + Green blue
SOLD OUT : Mai, Wanie, Junainah

RS02C = Very dark green + Not-so-dark-green + Pink Red (at the back)
SOLD OUT : Nur Fitri, Rosmawati Awang, Fie, Kak Yully

RS02D = Light Purple + Light Pink + Light Blue
SOLD : Fatimah, Nur Hidayah, Siti Syazahani, Farah
1 left (Available)

RS02E = Purple + Light Purple + Very dark blue
SOLD OUT : Rosmawati, Siti Syazahani, Tini, Syas, Kak Yully

RS02F = Very dark red + Red + White (at the back)
SOLD OUT : Siti Syazahani, Nor, Kak Ruby

RS02G = Blue Turquoise + Blue + Light Blue
SOLD OUT : Tina, Kak Bell, Wanie

RS02H = Dark Black + Black + Grey
SOLD OUT : Farhana, Kak Yully (2)

RS02I = Orange + Yellow (sebelah belakang ye) + Hijau kotor
SOLD OUT : Wanie, Mastura, Mona, Hasanahtul

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