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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

C.O.D Area (Cash-On-Delivery)

  1. Mostly in KL (Taman Keramat, Jelatek, Dato' Keramat, Damai, Wangsa Maju or around that particular area)
  2. *UiTM Lendu, Melaka
  3. *Shah Alam (For the time being, PTPL only)
For number 2 and 3, I put a star there. This is because it's depends okies? More info, continue reading this (^_^)

For number 2 :-
Once a week, my team from Melaka akn turun KL (mostly on Saturday) and the next Monday, br my team akn pulang ke Melaka. So, you have to wait at least 1 week to receive your parcel. Tp x semestinya 1 week. Like for example, Ayu kasi case scenario ok?

Case 1 : Cik A submit order n make payment on Friday (10th April). So cik A will receive her parcel on the next Monday (12th April) paling cepat. Klu nk hr lain pun boleh dirunding. Up to you all. Haaa.... x payah tggu 1 week kn?

Case 2 : Cik B submit order and make payment on Monday (12th April). So cik B will only receive her parcel on the next Monday (19th April) This case cik B will have to wait for a week to receive her parcel. In case cik B x boleh nk tggu, x de cara lain, so kena menggunakn perkhidmatan pos ye.

Summary dr kedua-dua case?
If you have confirm nk beli, do make an order as well as the payment before every Sunday of the week. So that I can pass your item(s) to my deary team.
Do take note that, self pick up hanya di UiTM Lendu.

For number 3 :-
Utk yg ni kena confirm betul2 sbb ayah Ayu keja around there. So Ayu boleh tlg pass kt ayah je. Tp not everyday ayah Ayu kt cna. Sometimes dia outstation ke. That's why kena confirm awal2 k?

Guna post je senang kn? Postage fee pun Ayu dh kasi free. X payah nk pening2 nk pk cost penghantaran la bagai kn? Ape2 pun terpulang pada individu sbb ramai je yg msg ckp x reti nk transfer duit la, mcm mane la semua. X pe. Slow2 eh. Ayu pun still learning dlm dunia business ni.

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